In this part of the Website I am going to tell you why I believe you should use TaxAgentsOnline to Prepare & Lodge your tax returns & give you advice you need in your various dealings with the Tax Office.

The reason to use TaxAgentsOnline is found in why I created TaxAgentsOnline......

I created TaxAgentsOnline as the modern way to use the convenience & immediacy of the internet to facilitate ways to get greater two way communication with the clients...This means that we are always available to help our clients at the time when we are needed. By enabling this to happen, I can protect the clients against the tax office's threats & at the same time give clients a Better way to get Bigger Refunds or Pay Less Tax.

Nowhere else can be found ways to have such personal & immediate access to their tax professional and as a result clients can get much better tax returns than using other methods.

To do that we created special features. .Features like the ability to have live online interactive meetings that is enhanced by a live screen share feature where clients can see & hear my PC screen to better understand their tax returns & know in real time the results of our advice.

So if you want to make sure this year you have prepared your tax return in a way to get the Biggest refund or paid the Lowest tax  as you did not miss a claim,that the claims that you want to make are correct & have the correct paperwork to standup in an Audit, then please let us handle your taxes this year. 

 I have a lot of experience to make you very happy:-I have been a professional Accountant & tax agent for over 35 years & operated my professional Accounting firm, Shepperd & Co from Bentleigh for over 28 years

Please check out my testimonials on this online site & other street based office website ( www.shepperdandco.com.au) to see how happy i make my clients.