TaxAgentsOnline website users now have ability to view a live Vision & Audio stream of  my office & will be able to see Vision & audio of myself &  information as displayed on my PC 's as I work in my office.

This service operates, currently, during our business hours of 10.30 am to 6.30 pm Mondays to Friday.

This is introduced in 2 stages.

Stage  1 : Vision only is in live Beta at present & not  always shown at all times during the day

To see the Live stream click :  This Link 

I am still in testing phas with the servers,. so please excuse if you see still images as well as slide shows. Live images are at only 8 fps until more of the app is done,. but i an showing you a taste of what is to come when fully done


Stage   2: Vision & Sound: to be completed over the coming months

Note: You can talk to me during these broadcast using the office phone number listed on the website.   



This feature is not just used to listen to Radio presentations I made. It is also used for website users to hear the Audio of my vision of me in my office informing people of important pieces of information  

To Hear the Audio part of the Vision of myself in my office, using the above vision link or to listen to various Audio presentations I made when no audio is relevant to the Vision 

 Click Here 

 Read more about this feature:

Go to my Blog:  Click Here


The details of upcoming webinars  will be shown  by Clicking on the Webinar link below .