Privacy Policy


Your Private information supplied to us is private and confidential. We will not be supplying or selling it to any Third Parties for any reason, except if required by law.
We will not use or disclose any information about you without your consent, unless:
    It is required by Law
    It is necessary to provide you with a service that you have requested such as lodging your tax return with the Australian Taxation Office
    To implement our terms of service or protect the rights of Tax Agents
The Tax Office is authorised by the Income Tax Assessment Act 1936, the Income Tax Assessment Act 1997 and the Taxation Administration Act 1953, A New Tax System (Australian Business Number) Act 1999 and the Superannuation (Unclaimed Money and Lost Members) Act 1999 to ask for information in this form.
We need this information to help us to administer the taxation and superannuation laws.
We may give this information to other government and non-government organisations specified in the taxation and superannuation laws to receive it - for
example, benefit payment agencies such as Centrelink, the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations and the Department of Families,
Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs; law enforcement agencies such as state and federal police: and other organisations such as the Child
Support Agency, the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Reserve Bank of Australia and superannuation funds. The Commissioner of Taxation, as Registrar of
the Australian Business Register, may use the ABN and business details which you provide on this tax return to maintain the integrity of the register

Your tax file number
When using the website and completing paperwork online with your details, you do not have to quote your TFN or ABN number. However, we cannot Prepare and Lodge ATO forms like Income Tax or BAS forms/ returns electronically (or in a physical form if necessary) if you do not provide it.
Therefore it is necessary that you provide these details, as part of the details you provide us to provide our services to you.  Your Tax File Number as well as ABN Number will be kept Private & confidential on our Encrypted database.
Completion process of Tax returns for tax form lodgements electronically by Tax Agents Online

Where you have fully completed your Income tax or BAS return, or other forms online, or partially completed said returns and wish us to complete using supplied documents to allow us to complete and lodge with ATO, we will review and update and make further changes where necessary for your final lodgement approval, including the use of ATO Reports reproduced from ATO Tax Agent Portal. 
(You understand that you are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of the information).
The tax documents will be made available to you for review in client specific created password protected folders for approval via Electronic signatures.
Once this process is complete, we will lodge the Taxation Documents with the ATO.
When we do that, the following Declaration will apply to those lodgements. Your agreement of the Terms and Conditions, set out in this Document, is evidence of that.

I declare that
    the information provided to my Tax Agents online for the preparation of this taxation Form / return, including any applicable schedules is true and correct, and
    Tax agents Online is authorised to lodge this tax return electronically as our tax agent and act in any other capacity on our behalf when dealing with the Australian Tax Office (ATO).
    I consent to Tax Agents Online retaining a digitally signed copy of any Tax Forms/ Returns, such as the Income Tax and BAS, lodged with ATO. 
Important: The tax law imposes heavy penalties for giving false or misleading information.

Tax Estimates of refund or payable amounts are provided without warranty of any kind.
It is subject to legislative changes and includes estimates of currently unknown rates.
WARNING: Amounts shown may be adjusted by amounts not included in this return.

Lodgement of Taxation forms with the Australian taxation Office.
Tax Agents Online will provide, using password encrypted folders, taxation forms (as well as any other forms) prepared by us as instructed by you for lodgement.
You must provide us with an appropriate, acceptable Digital Signature for electronic lodgement with the Australian taxation Office, to allow us to lodge. If the Forms need to be lodged manually, the appropriate physical signature needs to appear on the form before lodgement.
You warrant to us as to the Authenticity of such signatures.  We reserve the right to request appropriate proof of Identity if we consider it necessary.
We will lodge the Taxation Forms, as soon as practicable after receiving them from you, and reviewing to ensure that all is in order, including referencing to the Tax Office Pre-filling report / records for completeness.
Professional Fees and Payments

Our professional fees for the services provided will be based on the charges, as specified in Schedule of Fees included on the website, current at the time the services are delivered, provided all information is received on the online form.
Terms of Payment
Unless other terms have been agreed to beforehand, our terms are that the Fees are paid at the time of providing the services. Our Services covered here include all Taxation and Business Advice being given as well as Personal and Business tax returns prepared and lodged with ATO using our online tools or other processes used by Tax Agents Online to enable our services to be delivered. In these cases, the payment is to be made at the time of the Consultation or the performance of the other services.
Where our service focuses on lodging at tax return for private or business, and the fee is not paid at the time of the provision of the service, as agreed via prior arrangement, once the fee is paid in full then we will lodge your tax return.
Where our services focus on provision of Financials or other documents for Finance purposes or other business purposes, and the Fee remains unpaid, then we will supply the results once the outstanding Fees are paid in full.

Payment Methods
Payment can be made online via Credit Cards, or Paypal, using our payment facility page. Your personal information is confidential. We do not Store your Credit card information.
We can provide a means for you to transfer money into our account electronically. Please discuss this with us before we perform our services.

Additional Services
Additional services or advice you may request related to the online forms completed by you, is available, but the price may not included in this Schedule of Fees as set out on the Website. An agreed fee can be arranged to cover this, if applicable
Please note that any correspondence from the ATO that does not relate to initial assessments  nor original payment notices, will be treated as additional services and is charged and paid for separately using our online payment facility part of the website.
Previous Returns
Under the Law; we can amend and re-lodge Prior Year Lodged Tax returns (within certain guidelines). Such review and Amendment will of course involve a separate fee.
I am not engaged to review the accuracy of any previous Income or BAS returns lodged with the ATO by any other entity. You have warranted that I am entitled to rely on such information; such as the balance sheet and other financial records as presented when preparing the current Income tax and BAS returns and other forms as requested by you.

Commonwealth and State Taxes and Duties
Please note that any Commonwealth and/or State Taxes and Duties, including the Goods and Services Tax (GST) ( if applicable), imposed by legislation of either the Commonwealth or a State government will be due and payable together with any fees required by such regulation and/or legislation.
Receiving your tax return notice of assessment
Often your notice of assessment amount payable or refund will be received within 10 working days after Lodgement. However we cannot guarantee this when factors are beyond our control such as delays by the Australian Tax Office.
Refunds are from 1 July 2013 paid directly into a current nominated Bank Account. You are solely responsible for supplying the correct details at time of lodgement. If incorrect, and the ATO sends a cheque to us, we will charge $25 processing fees to deposit the cheque into our Trust account, deduct the Processing fee out of the refund monies and send cheque to you for the balance. You authorise us to do that.

When will we contact you.
We may contact you at the email or other address that you provide us in order to:
Provide you with information related to the processing of your Income tax or BAS statement  or Professional Advice or any other work you engage us to do.
Provide you with updated information about our website or services
We will not send you other information, (such as Tax Office Important Information), unless authorised by you 
Storage of Information

Information in the form of manual or Electronic documents sent to us by you or other parties to enable us to complete your work, such as lodgement of Income tax returns, will not be retained once the work is completed. If you need to send us physical documents, please send us copies, as we do not re-send any documents sent to us.
You authorised us to destroy via secure destruction methods any such physical documents sent to us.  
You understand that you are responsible for maintaining in your possession any Documents related to your tax records and can make those records available if required by bodies, such as the ATO.

Your personal information disclosed to us will be Stored in secured encrypted format and used to create a database record about you including information to be included in your tax return ( unless you choose to have this deleted). This information is included in a secure database and not disclosed to any other person or party except the Australian Taxation Office.
Quality of Information
To ensure your personal Information is accurate, complete and current, please assist us by advising us using our Contact information of any changes as soon as possible and we will take all reasonable steps to correct the information.
Problems or Complaints
If Tax Agents Online becomes aware of any ongoing issues of concerns or problems with our website, we will take these issues seriously and work to address these concerns.
If or you have a problem or a complaint, please contact us with the details at:  We will acknowledge receipt of your issues within 14 days, and endeavour to provide a full response within 30 Days of receipt.
Access to your personal information

Under law you have a right to access personal information we hold about you. We ask that you put your request in writing, using the Contacts information set out on the Website pages.

Future Changes
Our business continues to evolve, as we add more services and features to our website. Because of this, from time to time, our policies will be reviewed and maybe revised. Tax Agents Online reserves the right to change its privacy policy at any time and notify you by posting an updated version of this policy on its website. The amended Privacy policy will apply between us whether or not we have given you specific notice of any change

Client User Notice – Returns/ Repayment  policy
The above Fees are fully tax deductible. Work done is carried out and reviewed by experienced, & qualified tax agents/accountants before lodgement. The above quoted prices are based on the amount  of work needing to be done to prepare and lodge tax returns of varying levels of complexity.
Two situations can apply: 

Work Not Started
If  the level of complexity or classification chosen and Paid for by the User of this website is incorrect, we reserve the right to advise the user accordingly, upgrade to the relevant level and the user must pay the difference before the Tax Form / Return is processed, so as to be sent to the user client for authority to lodge.
If this does not happen, the return will not be processed, personal details and any information deleted  and any money paid  will be returned.
Extra work requested
If the Tax Forms/ returns have been completed based on information supplied and extra information is discovered by the user client afterwards is supplied that affects the results of the Tax Form/ return, additional fees will be advised accordingly as to the $Amount to update the Tax Form. Return, and the extra amount  become payable before the changes are applied and the Tax form / return amended.
If the extra fees are advised as to be not acceptable, then no further work will be done. The Tax form/ return completed as per the original information will be supplied to the user for completion by another entity if that is what is considered necessary.
However, no monies paid will be refunded.

If the information is discovered after the Tax Form/ Return is lodged and the Assessment Notice issued by the ATO, a complete new Tax Form / Return needs to be completed. 
The Fees for this will be the same as applies to the Original lodged tax return. No refund of the Original Fees applies. However, the new fee is fully tax deductible, as was the case with the original fee amount. 

Further Questions
If you have any further queries relating to our Terms and Conditions, please contact us in writing using our Contact details, and we will be very happy to discuss things with you.
I accept the above Terms & Conditions and agree to be bound by the agent's privacy statements and that I have received detailed and sufficient information on the processing of my personal data in Tax Agents Online ( by Tax Agents Online Pty Ltd   ABN: 87 600 366 907