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Our Unique Online Tax Preparation service is NOT FOUND anywhere else on the Internet.

For the meeting to take place the attendee must become clients of Tax Agents Online so that we can prepare & Lodge the Tax simple returns at the time of the meeting or at a later time if the tax return is more complicated.

If a visitor only wants to discuss their tax affairs, then the online Diary should be used to set a different type of meeting.

If not already a Member, please go to Member sign up section, accessed from the Link at the top of the website


How does it work?

You can setup the meeting in two ways

1. To setup the Meeting using my online tools:

Please select the "Get Started" button below and are then taken to the Online Diary feature  which shows available days & times to select for the Meeting.

After selecting the most suitable of the available meetings and completing the Booking Form a confirmation email will be sent out, which will contain the Details of the Meeting, including the Access Links for direct

entry to the meeting at the day & time specified.

The same Meetings details will appear in the Appointments folder located in your private Client area, which can be used to access the meeting as well.


2. To setup the Meeting using the traditional (telephone calling) approach:

Please use the Phone number listed on the Home Page. If I am unavailable, I have a Live person answering service you can leave a  namer & contact number & I will call you back as soon as possible to set a time to discuss your affairs.

If I am free at the time of  your call & you wish to do an Online Tax Preparation meeting at that time then i would only be too pleased to do so. 

If not then when we can arrange a suitable time using the Online Diary feature  at the time of the call 

To avoid being disappointed when you try to call me, it is better to use the Online diary to make an appointment with me. That way you are guaranted to meet with me online