Tax Agents Online is a wholly owned Professional Accounting firm of Paul Shepperd, who has been managing a Professional Accounting since Feb 1990, which still runs today called Shepperd & Co. (  from offices in Bentleigh Victoria. 

Tax Agents Online has been created because of the need for clients to be able to cope with Changes by the ATO to introduce a more Electronic  & Online way to interact with them and to prepare & lodge tax returns & get Advice from them & provide Information using their website & "MyGov" information portal based system.


When you become a member & use Tax Agents Online you will see that it operates like any otrher Professional Accounting firm that people use in the suburbs offering Tax & Accounting services, like Tax Returns & BAS returns & giving advice.

The difference is we operate using an online basis. Clients can talk to us on the phone, but instead of visiting us in a street based office, they visit us using our Online Office

I have created special technology, such as Screen sharing software that allows clientas to look at their PC or Mobile phone screen and see my PC screen & hear me explaining things like their tax return on it. As we discuss things, they can see their tax return being done in fronyt of them

This is  EXACTLY the same as what happens in a client meeting in my street office. There is no real advantage to being in my office now. in order to do a tax return.There is a real advantge to the online need to cost money and waste time travelling to see me. t

Now I hope you can see that this new way has so many advantages over meeting in the office at inconvenient time. My technology means you can even use your mobile or ipad if you want.

I optimised things to look great.on it...have a look at the live streaming link on the Home page to see what i mean