Our Mission

To Provide Taxation & Accounting & Business Advisory services to clients in the most convenient & timely manner so as to create the best possible taxation solutions for clients.

Our Vision

To create new forms of Internet Based Communication Technology that is customised designed for us by a Professional Accountant. Such technology should be easy for the Client to use and should be an evolution of technology familiar in use  to the clients.

To achieve our Vision..

In order to be useful to users, the technology to be created should not require the use of special software or apps by the user onto their device.

For convenience of use, the technology it should be able to be used on any internet enabled device such as a PC or mobile phone and as such be designed to be Internet Browser driven ( not Apps or Software driven )

The Results of our Vision

The realisation of our vision is via two online entities:

TaxAgents Online: which handles the day to day client Text-Based communication

Online Meetings website: which handles the online Client Meetings. The Online Diary  which sets up the Online Client Meetings is accessable only from the TaxAgentsOnline website only.