6 October 2018

Changes to the Live stream feature are almost complete.

I am expecting that by Friday next week, users of the website should notice a major change to the operation of the Live Stream.

Pls keep a check on it next Friday when I hope you wil see the results


Radio station content  now streaming live 24 / 7.

I recently made changes to have the Online radio station .


29 September 2018 

Rollout of  my screen sharing technology

Stage 1: Vision Only

The Tax Agents Online website has now set a new standard in Online Information with the introduction its new Live Streaming feature. 

What is being currently streamed is live vision-only presentation playing on my PC in my office.This demonstrates one use of my new Technology.

This technology has been successfully used to Prepare & Lodge the ITRs of clients located in different states of Australia.

Stage 2: Vision & Sound & Text Chat

Tax Agents Online Live streaming feature will soon be enhanced with the addition of Sound. Users can See & Hear the live presentations

The Live stream feature will further set itself up as an Internet Leading technology & superior to others with the ability for users to use a text chat feature to interact with the live presenter when appropriate.