How To Use Us



TaxAgentsOnline Three main functions

1. Preparing & Lodging Tax Returns for Personal & Business situaltions

2. Providing Advice on Taxation & other related areas

3. Providing useful information that covers Taxation & related areas 


Preparing & Lodging tax returns

One method that can be used is Clients can prepare & have us Lodge their various tax returns  by using our Private secure Internal messaging system of our server to send us their information via completing the Information forms on the website tax returns area & include any attachments.

After completion by us an online meeting is held to discuss the return & make any final changes & then authorise lodgement of the Return

Another method that can be used is to arrange to have an online live intearactive meeting to present information to us and to discuss the information relevant to preparation & Lodgement. After completion a final meeting will be held o make any final changes & then authorise lodgement


Providing Advice on Taxation & other related areas

Our big advantage & point of difference is the Online Meeting technology

This technology does not requirespecial hardware or software to be used on the device. It is accessible using Mobile or Desktop devices

The quality of the Vision & Sound is High Definition  

Clients can receive Private advice on specific matters of concern in Face-to-Face  Private Meetings or in a Public or Private Group situation or in a Public Webinar.

Recordings of these events are available in our Video-On- Demand section of our website

Multiple 24/7 Live Vision & Sound streams, are also available

All of these meetings have the ability to upload advice requests & download responses from within the various forms of Meeetings.

This is not found on any other online service provider 


Providing Useful Advice

The website will contain information on various tax & related issues. Clients can also register on the home page to receive Newsletters we will produce from time to time

On the website, users can find a listing of our upcoming Webinars on various Tax & related areas, as well as other unrelated areas