Fees Payable & Refunds

(Refer to the Terms & conditions page for more details on the information set out below)


Prices for preparing the various tax and BAS returns, as well as providing advice, are advised in a Fee Quote Email or via other online or telephone conversations & are adjusted based on further discussions about the level of work involveds

They are intiially based on Information provideds by clients, including Online or Telephone discussions at the time of performance of our services that is appriate to the level of complexity involved.

If  it is found that the level of work necessary is more than what was indicated and paid for, then we reserve the right to be paid for that extra level. You will be advised if that is the case to discuss the matter. However, if the matter cannot be resolved, then you understand that it must be taken to another Accountant, Any Fees paid for work completed to that point wil not be refunded. 

If the work needs to be done progressively over time, as all the information is not provided at once, extra fees may become due and payable if necessary, based on the nature of the issue. You will be advised accordingly to discuss the matter.


The service we provide and the basis that we operate, as stated in the above., means that our Fees are NOT REFUNDABLE. We are not suplying goods like a retail provider where goods can be returned. 

If there is a dispute about the Fees, this must be brought up in discussions before our service is provided or before payment is made

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