Hello & Welcome .

I would like you to know that as a Professional Accounting Firm we decided to be different & offer our services using Online focus. I called this: "Tax Agents Online. As the only Full service Accounting firm designed for the Internet, clients can now access the services in an opnline enviroment  experienced Professionals who have over 27 years running a street based  Accounting firm that knowws many ways not only to get you Greater Refunds or Pay Less Tax Now & in the future.

I have lots of Tax Strategies which together with my tax preparation & advice experience that  is used ensure clients get the best results possible.

We have created special Online technology to be able to do this..My Technology means clients can more easily & conveniently access me to help them when they need me. Clients can talk to me on the Phone, just as they would normally do with their street office based Accountants.

They can supply me tax information  & Meet with me face to face to discuss their affairs.I can show them the results of our work & devise strategies as traditionally done.

The only difference about the way we do these things is we are using special Online tools & systems we created. 

Whilst it is a new way to deliver Professional services  that is different  the other Accountants, the clients, as explained in the Client testimonials section  say " It is just like being in your office"