TaxAgentsOnline is all about Information delivery  both to & from its clients.

This is seen in its two main ways of receiving information to prepare & lodge the tax returns and then confirming the results, making any changes and then lodging the tax return with the ATO.

My online approach is more advanced than other accountants because of my IT skills & innovative technology.

Specially created online meeting software  with unique features like viewing of my PC screen that shows the tax returns being done live with audio & text chat support is not found anywhere else. 

All of this and many other features fouund on the website , such as a Live Audio & Video streaming service that delivers information on various topics for viewing 24/7 is the result  of my information delivery focus for the website.

The way that website to deliver Tax & Accouinting services by operating using an Interactive "Portal Mode" of communication, rather than use a non-interactive "single direction" email-based method used today by other accountants is a further testiment to this information focus


Tax AgentsOnline Public Accountants & Reg'd Tax Agents was created over 6 years ago by me as a Public Accounting firm, that offers the complete range of  Tax & Accounting services using the internet. Never done before.

The firm evolved out of my street based accounting practice" Shepperd & Co" which I started & is still continuing to  offering Tax & Accounting services since February 1990 from its offices in Bentleigh, Victoria, & which still operates origins today in an physical office based enviroment.