Who is TaxAgentsOnline?

 We are what I call a “New Age Accounting  Firm” that uses its specially created technology to deliver its services to its Clients using an Internet based business Model.

 What makes Tax Agents Online’s technology different is that it creates an Online client experience not different from that traditionally experienced in a Street based office environment.

 The ability to see & hear each other & see the PC screen containing their tax affairs & the Tax Return results in live, real time, as well as send & receive information using secure our private messaging system is no different than being on the other side of my desk…without wasting time & money travelling to physically see me in my office.

 The Internet is my office!!



 Taxation Returns

 We Prepare and lodge All types of tax returns for individuals and businesses. These range from individuals, partnerships, trusts, and companies.

The information is supplied by clients Either using our secure internal messaging system or supplied at the time of our online interactive meetings.

The information is discussed with the client and advice given to  make sure the information is complete and provides the maximum tax benefit to the client and to make sure that no claims have been missed and that the clients understand the requirements of the ATO.

Tax Advice

We provide Tax advice for personal and business Clients.

These clients range from Personal clients who are employees only, have investment properties and small businesses.

We also give advice for businesses that are Structured should as companies, partnerships and trusts.

Our advice also covers advice on the most appropriate tax structure for the client as well as recommendations about action that should be taken based on the clients current circumstances.

Business Services

 We provide not only taxation advice to business clients, but help them with understanding their insurance needs, payroll needs As well as giving advice on employee matters.

Our years of experience means that we can help them run their business in a more efficient and profitable manner.

Our specialized software we have developed enables real time online interactive meetings which Enables clients to access our services at the time when they are needed. The unique ability to see and hear each other And securely transfer information between each other using encrypted communication methods means that we can interact with each other no different then being physically in the same room.

This means that business advice can be delivered at the time when it is needed and without the delay of traveling to see the accountant. The traditional telephone communication interaction is still used but it is augmented by the technology that I created

 BAS Services

 We prepare a range of BAS Returns for individuals as well as small and medium sized businesses The preparation of the BAS Statement also includes advice in relation to various matters that arise when the BAS Is being prepared.

We also provide advice on registration basis And operational matters that the business need to be aware of In relation to the different aspects of the BAS that affects the amount of money owing to the tax office That form is part of the BAS statement.

Business start-ups & ongoing advice

One of our key specialities is advice on start up of new business, and Continuing advice for that business.

Our specialize systems allow us to have greater contact with small businesses that ups, as well as existing businesses, to give them the help and experience that we have with over 30 years of advising clients in business as well as over 10 years being and industry We provide Advice on the right tax structure and business methods That should be used in the business. We provide advice on employee, insurance, tax planning, financial planning, and provide general business advice needed in today’s small business world