Our Services: Online Tax Accountant

Form Based Tax preparation

This is our improved version of the Traditional Form Based approach used to prepare the tax returns. We include Text & Video based Help features & ability to add attachments.  Further to this, our Forms are in Understandable Plain English & don't suffer from the lack of tax planning when used to prepare the tax return. 

Online Tax Preparation

This is the new way of Preparing Tax returns online: live & interactively  A Greater level of  interaction is possible due to specially developed Video/ Audio features with Screen & Documents Sharing & Text chat. Now the Accountant’s street based meeting can operate in an Online environment.   

Online diary set Meetings

This is our website section that clients use to access the online Diary in order to setup the Online Private meeting. Clients select the most suitable meeting time from the times shown as available. An email will then be sent  confirming  the details of the meeting, as well as providing  the Access details needed .

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